Lauth Front Desk Kiosk

Lauth Front Desk Kiosk

The Lauth Front Desk Kiosk has been developed for use when in-person coverage at the front desk is not available.   

This utility allows our guests to alert the associate responsible for covering the front desk that they are at reception and awaiting assistance.

Starting The Kiosk

  1. Unlock the home screen of the iPad using code 650065
  2. Tap on the icon labeled "Check In At Lauth"
  3. Enter the cell # to which alert messages should be sent when somebody requests assistance.
  4. Tap the "Launch Kiosk" button.
  5. Tap the home button three times to enable Kiosk Mode (also known as Guided Assistance)

Terminating the Kiosk

  1. Tap the home button three times to disable Kiosk Mode (also known as Guided Assistance)
  2. Enter the Kiosk Code 650065
  3. Tap End in the upper left.
  4. Tap the home button once.
  5. Tap the home button twice.
  6. Swipe up on the Check In at Lauth running app to terminate it.

Change Notification Cell Number

  1. Terminate the kiosk as outlined in Terminating the Kiosk
  2. Start at step #2 in Starting the Kiosk

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